— Subdivision of Confederate States of America
Timeline: Southern Independence

OTL equivalent: Alabama
Alabama 1861 Obverse
Flag of Alabama
(and largest city)
Other cities Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Mobile
Language English
Demonym Alabamian
Governor Robert J. Bentley (C)
Population 4,800,000 
Established December 14, 1819 (USA State)

February 4, 1861 (CSA State)

Currency Confederate Dollar
Time zone Central Standard Time
  summer Central Daylight Time
Abbreviations AL
 Alabama is one of 18 states of the Confederate States of America. It has a population of 4,800,000 people and it borders Tennessee to the North, Georgia to the East, Mississippi to the West, and Florida to the South.


European Settlement

The Spanish were the first Europeans to reach Alabama but the French were the first to settle in the state.

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