Alfred Emanuel Smith, Jr. (December 30, 1873 - June 10, 1927), known in both private and public life as Al Smith was an American Democratic politician who served as Governor of New York for three terms and was the 25th President of the United States, serving from 1925 until his assassination on June 10, 1927 in Chicago.

Smith, the first Catholic elected to the Presidency, was a urban-planning progressive and a strong reformer, although he had strong connections to the machine politics in Manhattan, which nearly sank his 1924 Presidential campaign. Despite his successes and popularity as Governor, Smith was sadled with a poor economy and the devastating Pacific War during his term, which stunted his broader visions for pro-labor reform. While the Smith administration succeeded in driving the Japanese out of American territory and oversaw a victorious march across the Pacific throughout most of 1927, he was suddenly assassinated in Chicago after a picnic to support soldiers who had just returned from battle, abruptly ending his Presidency, slowing the American war effort, and sadling the blame of a precipitously worse economy on his successor, Joseph Robinson.

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