Al-Nahari Front
Participant in Yemeni Civil War
Ideology Jewish militancy
Arab secularism
Mizrahi Judaism
Yemeni Nationalism
Islamic liberalism
Leaders Amos ibn Shlomo al-Mansur
Mordechai al-Nasrallah
Headquarters Flag of Yemen Aden, Yemen
Allies Flag of Yemen Yemeni Armed Forces (claimed)
Flag of Syria Syrian Armed Forces
Opponents Flag of Jihad Islamic Jihad
Flag of Israel Israel Defense Forces
ShababFlag Al-Shabaab
The Al-Nahari Front (Arabic: النهاري-الجبهة, Jabhat al-Nahari. Hebrew: אל-נהרי פתוח) or the ANF in short, sometimes alternatively known by its nickname the Al-Yahud Resistance (Arabic: آل يهود للمقاومة, Muqāwamat al-Yahud, literally "Jewish resistance" in Arabic) is a Jewish militant group and underground political party in Yemen. The party was found by a Yemenite Jewish leader by the name of Amos ibn Shlomo ben Isaac al-Mansur, who considered himself "fed up" with the Islamic persecutiion of Yemenite Jews.

The Al-Nahari Front, contains close ties with the socialist Al-Ma'arri Front centered in the Levant, Iraq and Egypt. The ANF considers themselves loyal to the Yemeni government, not a revolutionary party.

The ANF is named in honor of Moshe Ya'ish al-Nahari, the Jewish martyr that was accosted by Islamic militants. Amos al-Mansur promised that Moshe al-Nahari's death would be well-avenged. 

Despite being a Jewish militant group, the ANF and Israel view each other very negatively. The Israelis refused to help the ANF, since Yemen was an enemy state of Israel. The ANF also stated that they would reject any attempt of influence from Israel, as they are anti-Zionist.