— Confederate State of Mississippia
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: NE Ontario, NW Quebec
Flag of Aksimiki
Flag of Aksimiki
Capital TBD
Largest city TBD
Other cities TBD
Language Algonquin, French, British
Religion Western Catholicism
Ethnic groups
  others Other Algonquin
Demonym Aksimikian
Chief tbd
Population 512,504 (1580) 
Established 1574
 Aksimiki is the third-newest confederate state of the Mississippian Confederation. The first confederate state that was purchased from a foreign power, the nation is actually quite happy to be part of the Mississippian Confederation. The state was formerly a vassal of the L'nu Empire, before it folded into the Empire of Britannia, from whom it was bought in 1574.

Aksimiki's location along the James Bay of the Hudson Bay made it the second confederate state to have a seaport. The trade from Askimiki tends to be directed toward BritanniaScandinavia, or Oldenburg, rather than France or Rome, as with most other confederate states.


Formerly under the L'nu Empire, the mostly Cree nation of Aksimiki was developed to help advance the goals of the L'nu Empire, which itself was to help the goals of Britannia.

After the collapse of Missisippia in the Catastrophe of 1583, Aksimiki would eventually form the basis for the Nehilaw Sachemate, which many would call the "Northern Mississippia."



Year Population Change
1570 N/A N/A
1580 512,504 N/A


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