State of Akset

Akset in hieroglyphics
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

OTL equivalent: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay
Flag of Akset
Location of Akset
Location of Akset
State of Akset

Equality above all

Anthem: "Sun on the Horizon"
(and largest city)
Language: Kemetic
Religion: Kemetism, None
Ethnic group: Kemetics
Demonym: Akseti
Type of government: Directorial, constitutional republic
Supreme Bureaucratic Administrators:
Area: 12,900,000 km²
  per capita: 52,000
Population: 290,412,585 
Organizations: United Nations
Akset (Kemetic: Akset in hieroglyphics, literally "horizon"), officially the
State of Akset is a sovereign state in Southern Sinica. It is located east of the Inca Empire.

Akset is a great power and wields considerable influence on the world stage. The nation was founded in 1711, when it declared independence from Kemet. Akset was also the first true democracy in the world, where all its citizens could vote.

Akset is a directorial, constitutional republic with elements of direct democracy, its citizens are quite well involved in politics, and important decisions are decided by electronic referenda. The nation is ruled by the Supreme Council, which serves as the nation's head of state and government.