The Akkadian Council is the unicameral legislature of the Federal Kingdom of Akkad. They meet in the Grand Council Building in Akkad City.

Akkad moved quickly toward a multi-party system after a constitutional referendum in 1969. The first legislative election was held in 1970, and there has been one every five years since then. All councilmen are eligible to seek an unlimited five-year terms, and many councilmen have served since the council's inception. Due to the theocratic nature of the government, only parties with religious affiliations are allowed.

Akkad's new constitution requires one councilman per state, though this may be subject to change in the next constitutional referendum on the fiftieth anniversary of the new constitution in 2020.

List of Registered Political Parties

Name Ideology
Agrarian Party  Agrarianism
Akkadian Freedom Party  Nationalism, Anti-Immigration
Communist Party of Akkad  Marxism-Leninism, Communism
Conservative Party  Conservatism
Green Party of Akkad  Green Liberalism, Environmentalism
Independence Party of Akkad &nbsp
National Action Party  Liberal Conservatism
Social Democratic Party  Social Democracy, Liberalism, Secularism