饜皜饜按饜案饜眱饜皜饜皟 饜按饜皜饜皪饜皜饜蔼
Akhutai Khagan
Khagan of the Turks and Mongols
Khan of Cumania, Khazaria, Kwarezmia, Bulgaria and Eran

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Akhutai Khagan
Statue of Akhutai in Shandu

Khagan of the Turks and Mongols
680 鈥 729

Successor: Borte Khatun
Born: 8 September 660
near the shores of Lake Markakol, present-day Khaganligi
Full name: Akhutai Bolormaa
Spouse: Mandukhai Khatun
Clan: Bolormaa
Father: Tardu
Mother: Sokhatai Khatun
Religion: Tengriism
Akhutai Khagan was the founder and first Khagan of the Turkic Empire, which later became known as Khaganligi. During his rule, the Turkic Empire conquered large parts of Eurasia, which were later lost.

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