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"Of course! How will I dominate the world without the Japanese?" Himmler thinks to himself. He asks the Soviet Union if it will allow passage of German reinforcements to pass through its country to Japan; to which the USSR allows, but only with tribute. Himmler, with no other option, gives the Soviet Union the plans to the microwave death ray. Tens of thousands of German troops, and vehicles march across the continent, reaching Japan in two months time, and taking back nearly every island in the Pacific, as well as New Zealand. Once Hawii is captured, the United States begins to strengthen its continental borders, giving up on the Pacific. With the Japanese ruling over the Pacific, the Germans move on to Australia, and in weeks it to has fallen.

Himmler then sets his eyes on India, but it has a vast population which would not fall easily, what does he do?

Invade India without reinforcements

Wait for European reinforcements

Attack Southern Africa instead meeting up with European forces in the middle.

Jazon Naparleon 01:30, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

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