Agustin Cosme Darian de Iturbide y Aramburu, known by his regnal name of Agustin I of Mexico, was the first Emperor of Mexico and is often regarded as the father of his country. In his life, he sired seven children, the first four with his first wife, Dona Ana Maria de Huarte, and the last three with his second wife, Empress Clementina of Mexico, who was a descendant of the Hapsburg line from Austria and thus formed the Iturbide-Hapsburg dynasty.

Agustin I's rule, which lasted from 1821 to 1841, marked Mexico's booming growth and rise as a regional power, driven by its militarization thanks to the arrival of Austrian tacticians and professional soldiers throughout the 1820's, and the transformation of the poor Mexican society into a burgeoning economy by the late 1830's. His reign was, however, sullied by his dictatorial habits in the 1820's, his treatment of the Mexican poor, the deepening class divides in the new Mexican society, and his inability to control his bellicose Prime Minister Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in the 1830's, which led to the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War immediately afterwards, during which Agustin I died of tubercolosis and was never able to see to its conclusion. He was succeeded by his son Agustin II.

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