Agustin Juan Fernando Carlos Jose Eduardo de Iturbide y Hapsburg (German: Augusten Johann Ferdinand Karl Josef Edvard, English: Augustine John Ferdinand Charles Joseph Edward) (23 July 1877 - 8 November 1913) reigned as Agustin IV, the Emperor of Mexico, from August 1911 until his deposition and murder on November 8th, 1913 during the recapture of Mexico City by the conservatives.

Agustin IV, the younger brother of his overthrown and incompetent elder brother Jose Francisco, is widely believed to have suffered from Down's syndrome and epilepsy, and was placed upon the throne against his will by the radical revolutionaries during the Mexican Civil War. During his reign, Agustin IV made no policy decisions and was enormously unhappy at the palace in Mexico, having lived most of his adult life up until his forced coronation at a personal estate near the city. He dictated his thoughts to a personal secretary which, later in life, revealed his deep displeasure with the radical government and a desire to abdicate, but he feared for his life should he attempt such a move.

When the conservative armies under Huerta retook Mexico City on November 7, 1913, Agustin IV stayed behind despite the desire of the radicals to bring their puppet Emperor with them. Against the orders of Huerta and Agustin's elder brothers, however, the Emperor was killed when he was shot during a misunderstanding with soldiers inside the imperial palace, casting a deep pallor over the rest of the war, causing Emperor Jose Francisco to sink into a deep depression and martyred Agustin IV after the "Murder of the Innocent."

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