Agustin Francisco Carlos de Iturbide y Hapsburg (4 June 1822 - 7 October 1865) (German: Augusten Franz Karl von Iturbiden und Hapsburg; English: Augustine Francis Charles of Iturbide and Hapsburg) was the second Emperor of Mexico, ruling as Agustin II, and the first ruler from the House of Iturbide-Hapsburg. Agustin II reigned from his father's death in 1841 until his abdication in the face of a popular protest in 1861, his reigning lasting just a month past twenty years. Agustin II is known for severely eliminating the power of the Mexican Parliament and Prime Minister following the disastrous Mexican-American War, his reliance on Austrian expatriates for advice and guidance, his decadent lifestyle, and the perceived decline of the Mexican Empire during his reign. As both of his children were deemed incapabale of rule due to genetic disorders from his marriage to his cousin, Maria Cristina of Brazil, he was succeeded upon abdication by his nephew, Eduardo I who ruled with a popularly-elected council of regents until he was of age in 1869.

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