Agustin Francisco Fernando Jose-Luis Juan Carlos de Iturbide y Hapsburg (3 June 1847 - 14 September 1912) (German: Augusten Franz Ferdinand Josef-Louis Johann Karl von Iturbide und Hapsburg; English: Augustine Francis Ferdinand Joseph-Louis John Charles of Iturbide and Hapsburg) reigned as Emperor of Mexico under the name Agustin III, succeeding his elder brother Eduardo I in 1904 until his overthrow in 1906 in the Madero Coup which began the Mexican Civil War.

His reign was known for its increasing instability and despite his popularity was overthrown by a reactionary, upper-class coup concerned over his liberal policies. Three of his sons (Jose Francisco, Agustin IV of Mexico and Juan I) would serve as Emperor between 1906 and 1917. Agustin III died in exile in the United States in 1912 of leukemia and was buried with reverence in Santa Barbara, California until his remains were returned to a stable Mexico in 1920, where they were then interred at the Mausoleo Mexicano in Mexico City.

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