Agustín Cosme Damián de Iturbide y Arámburu
Also known as Don Agustín I
Iturbide Emperador by Josephus Arias Huerta
Agustín I as Emperor of Mexico
Born 27 September 1783
Valladolid, Michoacán, New Spain
Died 19 July 1844
Palace of Iturbide
Title Emperor of Mexico
Years Active 1790-1844
Predecessor Title Created
Successor Agustín II
Religion Roman Catholicism
Spouse Ana María Josefa Ramona de Huarte y Muñiz
Children Agustín II

Princess Sabina

Princess Juana María

Princess Josefa

Prince Ángel

Princess María Jesús

Princess María de los Dolores

Prince Salvador

Prince Felipe Andrés María de Guadalupe

Prince Agustín Cosmehi

Agustín de Iturbide was the first emperor of Mexico, that played a major role in the country independence.

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