Agrarian Party
Leader Fredrik Reinfeldt
Founded 1904
Youth wing Young Agrarians of Scandinavia
Membership  (2011) 500,000
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Nordic agrarianism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Official colors Green
The Agrarian Party (Danish: Bondepartiet, literally the Peasants' Party), officially the National Agrarian Party (Danish: Nationale Bondepartiet), is a centre-right, agrarian, liberal conservative political party in Scandinavia. It is one of the three major parties in Scandinavia, along with the Social Democrats and the Radical Venstre.

After the rise of Venstre in the last of 20th century, there was no organization for Scandinavian conservatives for election campaigns until 1904. The National Agrarian Party was founded in 1904 as a merger between the independent conservative elements within the Rigsdag and the protectionist wing of the Venstre that split with more radically liberal party's wing led by Karl Staaff. The party, under the leadership of Arvid Lindman, in 1920s and 1930s intensified its support on the continuance and strengthening national business against the ideology of Social Democrats.

The Agrarian Party states that its ideology is a mix of liberalism and conservatism, and corresponds to what is called liberal conservatism, within the Nordic agrarian tradition. Under the current leadership of Fredrik Reinfeldt, the party is viewed for having move more towards the centre of political spectrum. The party supports free markets and personal freedom and has historically been the essential force for privatizations, deregulations, tax cuts and a reduction of the public-sector growth rate. However, it still embraces most of the social benefits introduced since the 1930s.