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The Age of Union refers to the period between 1775 and 1793 where the United Provinces, Great Britain and their American colonies united as a single nation. The age began with King William the 6th's ascension to the thrones of Great Britain and the United Provinces and his movements toward uniting the two countries.


King William the 5th had three children that lived beyond the age of ten. These were George (the Oldest), Mary and William. William was last in line to inherit the throne but he was his father's favourite son and the most charismatic of the three. His sister was the most powerful of the three but both hated their older brother. So together the two formed a plot to kill him or remove him from the line of succession. Killing their brother would have resulted in great suspicion, however, so William and Mary came up with a plan to get him removed from the line of succession by making him invalid for the crown.

George had been married to Princess Cathrine of Austria as part of her father's plan to form an Alliance with Great Britain and the United Provinces. However her father was a Catholic and William had a plan to use this against her husband, Mary convinced her to attend a Catholic mass with her father while she was in England and she attended communion. In the eyes of the British Public this made her a Catholic and as he had married a Catholic he was prevented from being king. Therefore when William the 5th died he was succeed by William and not George.


When he was crowned William began a program of uniting the United Provinces and Great Britain, he had not originally planned to include the American colonies but events pushed him toward it. The first stage in the unification was the creation of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, British and Dutch MP's became a part of the new parliament and William staged another coronation crowning him king of the United Kingdom.

Despite his hesitation toward uniting the UK with its American colonies events forced William's hand, the American people were calling for representation in the UK's parliament and afraid of a revolution Parliament forced a union on the king. Therefore America held its first election in January 1775 and the revolutionary rumors were quelled for a while.

American Wars

However five of the American Colonies still declared independence from the Union as the United States of America, unfortunately for them however the Union was quick to respond and it sent its Army of the Americas to intervene. The USA was quickly crushed by 1777 and to many all questions on American independence had been answered. This was not to be the case however and the French colony of Louisiana declared its independence in 1790.

This time however the UK supported the USA as it supplied them with arms and ships to fight the French. For the next three years Anglo-Dutch and American troops fought to overthrow the French colonial administration. By 1793 the USA had successfully seized control over Louisiana while they were also seeking to form a union with many Indian nations across the continent.

End of the Age of Union

In 1793 the new French Republic began a program of expansion into the rest of the world. The UK and the USA both joined the Grand Coalition with other European states and this ended the Age of Union and began the Age of Revolution

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