This is an all new type of map game where you can create your own civilization. Grow it. Expand it. Explore new lands. Fight other civilizations. And change the course of history forever. It is 10,000 BCE. The Ice Age is over. Mankind has just invented agriculture. It is also domesticating animals and making plentiful food for their people. Towns, cities and villages begin to arise across the globe. The world is rising toward a new age as man abandons the old nomadic ways. This is an age of new people. It is an age of discovery. It is an age of growth. It is an age of warfare and domination. It is an Age of Society.


  • Be plausible.
  • 3 implausibilities and YOU ARE BANNED!!!!!!!
  • Players can only sign up if they are above 1000 edits and a plausible reputation.
  • Written Language can appear around 5000-4000 BC
  • Turns will go by 1,000 years until writing is invented, where it is reduced to a year and as we approach the modern world will decrease to quarter turns.
  • You can create your own fictional civilizations, or use an OTL civilization that already exists.
  • Before playing this game, and for newcomers, please research the time the game begins prior to play.
  • Battles can be done using the Road to War algorithm.
  • Have Fun!!!!!!!


TBN (North America)

TBN (South America)



Middle East


TBN (Oceania)



800px-World map blank without borders.svg

The World.

The Game

10,000 BC

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