395 AD-Roman emperor Theodosius I divedes the Empire between his sons: Arcadius (East) and Honorius (West); from this moment forward, the notion of Roman Empire is gone; The Western part begins to be influenced by the Germans who habit it

402-the Capital is moved from Rome to Ravenna; German influence is so powerful, making the Emperor a puppet of the generals

410-The Great Sack of Rome; Gothic general Alaric attacks and plunders the city for ten days; a great political crisis forces him to assume command of the state; the Senate is dissolved and Alaric becomes Emperor; beginning of the German-Roman Empire

414-death of Honorius, who rested at his palace in Capri, guarded; end of the Roman Empire de facto

419-Britannia becomes independent the Scots and Picts taking control of the province

429-Genseric, leader of the Vandals, crosses from Spain to North Africa and takes control of the region, founding an independent kingdom; having assumed the control of the navy, the Vandals will force a control of the Mediteranean sea

438-in Central Asia, an unknown Hun chief, called Attila kills his brother and becomes the leader of ten tribes; because the signs of a terrible winter were visible, he orders that his subjects to migrate to the West

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