King Edmund III.

Welcome to Age of Intrigue, a new timeline that begins with the assassination of an English Prince at the end of the Crusades. Soon, the butterflies spread and Western civilization takes a different course, just as violent, but filled with new nations, rulers, and bitter rivalries. Families plot against each other, and kingdoms rub shoulders as the threat of war grows larger. Secret societies threaten to destroy the world order. What will become of the world in this Age of Intrigue?

Point of Divergence: 1272

Toward the end of the Ninth Crusade, the last of the brutal wars between Catholic Europe and the Muslim Caliphates, Prince Edward I, the future King of England, was nearly killed by a poisoned dagger. In OTL, he recovered from his wounds and went on to rule England for over thirty years. But suppose the assassin had succeeded? This timeline explores the possibilities of Edward's death, the ascension of his brother Edmund III to the throne, and the effects on Great Britain, and soon, the rest of the world.


The timeline of Age of Intrigue is still a work in progress.


Descriptions of some of the more notable historical figures in the Age of Intrigue

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