Age of Authority is a beginners map game, a place for all new users to the wiki who are excited to play map games, but feel intimidated by the more professional map game of Principia Moderni IV, which has high standards of plausibility and a complex set of rules and algorithms. Starting in 100 AD with four year turns, this map game is set in a simpler time, with basic rules and a basic algorithm. Experience in this game is meant to build up experience for new users until they feel they can take on the more challenging world of Principia Moderni. So enjoy!

100 AD is a time of great centralization and homogenization, where half of the Earth's population is controlled by two Empires: one Latin, and one Han. These two live in isolation from each other, but with vague knowledge of each other's existence through trade. New religions are on the rise with Christianity spreading throughout pagan Rome, as the canonical New Testament has just come to a close. Buddhism has just penetrated into China, where it too is making considerable headway. Art and culture flourish in these two empires, whose knowledge slowly disseminates to the neighboring nations. 


Prototype map:



  • Plausibility will be enforced, but not so strictly. More as a guide than a rule.
  • As each turn is four years, write in your post a summary of all the things your nation's people did during those years. 
  • If you declare war, write a summary of the campaign in your post. This gives a sense of the specific goals you set out in the campaign for these four years
  • If you post anything that requires response from the mods, such as declaring war, clearly designate it as bold. Please do not bold anything that does not require mod intervention.
  • Rome and China are off limits for players. This much should be obvious.
  • That being said, players can role play some of the religious factions within Christianity. As a Christian player, you do not have any political authority but only religious. So keep that in mind. 
  • Wars are decided through a simple algorithm
  • Have fun



  • Teotihuacan - 
  • Zapotecs - 
  • Hueves - 


  • Roman Empire (Mod only)
    • Playable Christian factions:
    • Bishop of Rome - Atomicalitw (talk) 17:36, August 1, 2016 (UTC)
    • Bishop of Byzantium - 
    • Bishop of Jerusalem - 
    • Bishop of Alexandria - 
    • Bishop of Antioch - 
    • Could I be Rome? - Epic (I can juggle two map games) 
    • The Roman Empire is mod controlled, but you can be the Bishop of Rome.-KawaiiKame 
  • Ireland - 
  • Alba - 
  • Dacia - Wolves
  • Marcomanni - 
  • Bosporus - 


  • Garama - Bozistanball  
  • Kush - 

Middle East

  • Lazica - 
  • Caucasian Iberia - 
  • Caucasian Albania - 
  • Armenia - 
  • Nabataea - 
  • Himyar - 
  • Parthian Empire - Triumph is at hand (talk)

South Asia

  • Kushan Empire -Belial 
  • Indo-Scythian Kingdom - 
  • Sahatavanas Empire -  
  • Puzhinadu - 
  • Kongu - 
  • Colas - Thisismacedon 
  • Cera - 
  • Ay - 
  • Pandyas - Warrior 
  • Lanka - 

East and Central Asia

  • Han Empire (Mod only)
    • Prince of Yan - 
  • Min Yue - 
  • Goguryeo - 
  • Silla - 
  • Baekje -
  • Gaya Confederacy - 
  • Yayoi Japan - LoyalServantOfInti
  • Xiongnu Confederacy - 

The Game

100-104 AD

Game will start on 9/16/2016 at 23:00:00 UTC, so sign up today!

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