Aftermath is a series of computer role-playing games (CRPGs) published by Royale Games. Although set in and after the 22nd and 23rd century, its retrofuturistic story and artwork are influenced by the culture of 1950s and 60s Europe as well as America during the Bomb Scare, and its combination of hope for the promises of technology and lurking fear of nuclear annihilation.

An inspiration for the game Aftermath is a game titled "Wasteland" published by Red Queen Games on the failed Gamebox console. Although the game worlds are strictly speaking different, the background story, the inhabitants, locations and characters draw many parallels from this landmark game. It is said that the Aftermath series is the spiritual successor to this old game.

Aftermath I

Release date: 1997

Location: Paris

Special Items: As part of a quest featuring the Louvre Museum, players are rewarded with famous works of art from the museum to decorate their homes. Possible choices include the Mona Lisa, the Venus De Milo, Adolf Hitler's fictional masterpiece and a bust of Goring. The unique super-weapon of this game is the sword of Napoleon I.

Factions: The two main factions are the evil Royalists (who intend to restore the old pre-Napoleon I monarchy) and the Bonapartists who valiantly oppose them. Includes other minor factions, including a secretive faction descended from the Churat and even a faction based on the ancient Romans.

Locations: Locations explorable in this game include the Louvre, the French palace (don't know how to spell the name), the Imperial Spire and the Arc d'Triomphe.

Aftermath II

Release date: 1999

Setting: London


Special Items: You can quite literally acquire the old English Crown Jewels. While most of them just exist to either look good or provide easy caps, two items do seve a purpose. The Crown gives you a massive Charisma/Personality boost and can get your character declared the new King (or Queen) of England. The Scepter basically serves as gilded club, and is the unique super-weapon.

Factions: The English Republican Army and the Bonapartists are the main factions. Is the only European city to have a faction of the Enclave (who are descended from American soldiers deployed to England). The is a smaller faction consisting of English Monarchists, who are won over by your character when he/she both wears the crown and completes a special quest.

Locations: The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the reconstructed Globe Theatre, 10 Downing Street, a community built around the London Eye, and various small communities founded in stations of the London Underground (which also serves as the only method of motorized transportation available.)

Aftermath III

Release date: 2001

Setting: Berlin


Special Items: I can't really think of any unique items at the moment. The unique super-weapon is Himmler's pistol (delibrately made more powerful than normal)

Factions: The Bonapartists and a Nazi-esque faction known as the Himmlerites are the main factions. NOTE: This game is unique, becaue it is the only Aftermath game where the Bonapartists are evil. This is due to the positive reputation Himmler has in the Empire. The man who calls himself the "Emperor" is portrayed as a usurper of the authority of the proper Emperor (in Paris), and has been deliberately been made to resemble Emperor Albert I (the man who sparked the Civil War)

Locations: A small community built around the Brandenburg Gate, a community in Tiergarten park, the Reichstag. The massive Naopleonic Victory memorial is the headquarters of the local Bonapartists. There is a web of secret bunkers beneath Berlin (some Bonapartist-occupied, some Himmlerite-occupied, some abandoned).

Aftermath IV

Release date: 2003

Location: Rome

Special Items: Numerous holy icons (crosses and the like) that can be gathered for a quest. All guns are the same as in the rest of the series , but they have a Christian motif to them. You can also get a Swiss Guard uniform. There are also Roman-style weapons and armour. The super-weapon is not a weapon, but armour. A gilded set of Centurion armour that Julius Caesar allegedly wore into battle. NOTE: As the Order of the Cross only uses "holy munitions" there are quite a few Holy Hand Grenades to collect, in refrence to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Factions: There are three factions in Rome. There is the Order of the Cross, who are the descendants of the Army of the Papal States, also known as the Swiss Guard. They have finally begun using firearms, but only firearms decorated to become "holy" weapons. There is Caesar's Legion, who theme themselves after the Roman Empire. The Bonapartists also play a part, but it is smaller due to Rome having never been part of the Empire to begin with.

Locations: The Pantheon, the Colosseum, St Peter's Basilica (which is the center of a Vatican-like fortress city). Ironically, thanks to Caesar's Legion, the Roman Ruins are pretty much good as new while "modern" Rome is much worse for wear.

Aftermath V

Release date: 2005

Location: Petrograd

Special Items:



Aftermath VI

Release date: 2007

Setting: Mesa


Special Items:



Downloadable Content: Aftermath VI introduced a special online store where players could download extra content for a price. It revolutionized gaming, and was quickly copied by gaming companies the world over.

  • Sin City- The player goes to the abandoned city of Los Vegas to find a legendary treasure said to be hidden in the ruins of a once-luxurious casino.
  • Tinseltown- They player travels to the remains of Hollywood to prevent a takeover of the city by Chinese Imperialists descended from the crew of a Chinese submarine wrecked in the nuclear war. This DLC features many unique items (mostly focused on the film industry) such as weapons once used as props in movies, fictional awards statues intentionally designed to serve as thrown weapons, and playable in-game film canisters. The player can even get a giant Oscar statue once used at the Academy Awards as a decoration for their home.
  • San Frisco- The player travels to the community of San Francisco to prevent a violent confrontation between the Imperialists, the Enclave and a new faction known as the Jailbirds.

Aftermath VII

Release date: 2009

Setting: New York


Special Items:



Downloadable Content:

  • Brotherly Love: The player explores the city of Philadelphia. The main quest line focuses on the player's efforts to stop the Enclave from seizing control of the city's government. A minor quest of note involves a Enclave plot to steal the Liberty Bell from its shrine at Independence Hall.
  • Tea Party: This expansion pack is set in Boston. The player assists the heroic Sons of Liberty against the evil Enclave. One of the principle locations featured is the Old North Church, which the player can own if they complete a quest.

Aftermath VIII

Release date: 2011

Location: Tokyo

Special Items: