After The Great War, Tsar Nicholas of Russia began considering the idea of steadily granting the territories of the Russian Empire independence as self-governing dominion, similar to the British Commonwealth, yet while the Tsar was considering independence for the western parts of the Empire, the province of Turkestan was in rebellion. Alim Khan, Emir of the Russian puppet state of Bukhara & Enver Pasha, a disgraced former Ottoman General, stirred up local Muslims, starting the Basmachi Revolt. This revolt dragged on for seven years, until 1927 when Alim Khan fled to Afghanistan. The revolt finally fizzled out in 1931 when Enver Pasha was killed in a village in the Tajik region of Turkestan.

The revolt set independence for Turkestan back years, until finally in 1978 Turkestan gained independence as The Dominion of Turkestan.

Elsewhere in Europe, increasing civil unrest in France, Britain, The Low Countries and Italy was being fermented by Communist agitators and political violence in Germany was spriraling out of control.

On 28 May 1923, Armenia gained independence as The Dominion of Armenia with Simon Vratsian as Prime Minister. The Tsar promised Georgia would be granted independance after 10 years, but no promise of independance was made to Azerbaijan, over fears it would unite with Persia if given independence. The Russian Commonwealth was set up, comprising Russia, Armenia & The Kingdom of Croatia, Bosnia & Slovenia, as it was ruled by a Russian king.

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