1948(After Europe and Asia were declared Yellow Zones)

The ramifications of the Undead War were massive and devastating. Over 1.5 billion people had died in the war, and many cities were destroyed, meaning huge amounts of rebuilding was required. The first thing that needed to be done was to organize any survivors that had not yet been reached by human forces. There was a surprisingly high amount, as many survivors had gone tribal, living simply, without technology, and in forests and other out of the way areas. while most happily reintegrated back into modern society, some were not so peaceful. around 30 miles outside Cotsdam, a tribe of about 1,400 were in a makeshift fort, and killed 321 US and Canadian soldiers before being defeated. these hostile tribes were rare, but they often were in fortified positions, meaning persitent fighting was needed to clear them out. the second problem was that a large number of rebuilt areas were very overcrowded, and only around 15% of Europe and Asia were rebuilt. the rest of the two continents' towns and cities were too badly destroyed for anyone to inhabit them. The third, and hardest to fix problem, was the terrible pollution plaguing the destroyed areas. the air was quite difficult to breathe, and for people with respitatory diseases such as asthma would have no chance of being able to live in those conditions, and some even died. in the decades following the victory in Europe, things would improve, and by around 1980 the air was 90% as clean as it was in pre-war Europe. In the decades coming up to that, however, in the decades leading up to that, respiratory diseases became quite common. It became the new standard of clean health if you did not develop asthma or another disease. Mental problems also plagued the survivors. After seeing their entire concept of normality destroyed by the dead coming back to life, suicides went through the roof, in survivors and soldiers who fought to reclaim Europe. Dementia became prevalent in the older survivors.

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