After the USA officially collapses, there is a world transition into a new order, and no more is Western or Eastern dominance.

1967: Predictably, a long, brutal war occurs in the former US. The liberals form the Liberal Soviet Alliance and the conservatives turn themselves into the United American Conservative Emirates. They fight over Florida and Michigan, and other swing areas. The Eurasian Pact and the newly formed European United Republic, consisting of western Europe and Morocco, send troops to secure the country. 250,000 shock troops from the USSR and the PRC invade Texas, with clear pro-LSA siding. The EUR, however, is H**l-bent on re-colonising the USA. Canada and Mexico promptly try to close their borders to protect their countries from refugees. The LSA is now trying to control the Lakes, and give up Florida. Of course, that causes misery to the Floridians. The United Central American Republic, an ally of the USSR, tries to retake Florida, but fails miserably, causing the deaths of 1,000 United soldiers.

1968: The EUR, directed by the Holy Grand Vatican Empire, consisting of the rest of Italy, invades California, New York and Hawaii. The Eurasian Pact is launching, now, attacks on South Italy (or the Vatican Empire) and Alaska (the Alaskan Empire). Alaska is conquered and now, Brazil, Chile and Argentina develop relations with the United Republic. Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires all discuss possibilities of an invasion of Florida. With the "ABC Alliance" sending troops and equipment, a landing is managed and Florida is taken. The EUR manages to conquer Hawaii, which, however, is soon reclaimed. Australia, a liberal but capitalist power, sees the opportunity to get some "nice, fat pork chops and a beer", as one minister puts it. But they must side with one group, as they are too weak to form their own camp. They therefore side with the USSR, because Indonesia, a puppet state of the ex-GSTU, is very weak, and Australia is also surrounded by socialist Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and so on. They participate in the landing in Hawaii.

1969: Through a series of victories in the South, America is now peaceful. Well, relatively so. They resolve to split the country into regions for various lobbies. Representatives from both alliances come to talk. There are various powers that attend: USSR, PRC, EUR, United Central American Republic and the new Pacific-Indian Conservative States, consisting of the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. As "regional representatives", capitalist South Africa, Peru and liberal Australia also come. They resolve to declare the lakes under joint South African-Australian government for just one year, because this area is "highly regenerative". The North East is under Soviet rule for five years, the Mid East under United Republic rule for two years, the South is under EUR government for the longest period - seven years. Florida is under Peruvian rule for just three months, the shortest yet. The Mid West, leaning South, is under Pacific-Indian Conservative States (more accurately, Sri Lankan/Tongan) rule, for two years. The South West is under PRC rule for four years. The leaning-North Mid West is under joint rule of the USSR and the United Republic, for one year. All Pacific territories and Hawaii of the ex-USA will be under Conservative State-Australian joint rule, for two years. Texas will be under joint rule of all the powers, and the same will happen to New York and California, as well as Alaska, for five years.  

1970: The Assembly of Nations is formed. Most countries in the world join. The Lakes, Florida and the Northern Mid West, are now independent. The Lakes states form the Socialist Republics of America, Florida forms the United Mexican Gulf States and the Northern Midwest form the Democratic Republic of America.

Mexico acquires a nuclear bomb.    

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