A timeline by Монгол орда 


1770, in the heat of the Russo-Turkish war, The Greeks revolt in Morea and Crete. OTL Russian support never arrived, but what if it had?

With Russian forces at their side, they moved to assault Achaea. Capturing Patras. By the end of the war, Athens and the rest of Attica as well as Crete were taken by the new Greek state. 

The first years of Greece

Vlachos's Greek Kingdom 1775 edited
Supported by Russia, Ioannis Vlahos became king of Greece. He set up a pannel of advisors and began to set up relations with other European powers, including Austria.  Ioannis would die in 1777, the throne passing to his brother.

Thirteen Years later Russia and the Ottoman Turks would again go to war. Greece, its forces now much more organized, as well as Austria would join the war. 

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