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After operation unthinkable is about the status of the world after operation unthinkable, which was the largest conflict in the history of mankind and the only instance of Nuclear war ever. And it occurred right after the end of World War 2. armed conflict alone killed off 12,000,000 people, nuclear arms killed another 125,000,000 and effects from the nukes another 150,000,000. It ended with a Soviet victory and led to Europe and most of Asia being under communist rule. It also greatly weakened all the Participants but the ones most effected were Japan, USSR, Britain, China, USA, and Mexico. Right after the world a world economic crash happened and a ten year world wide depression occurred. The economic powers to come out on top afterwards were, Germany-Austria, USSR, Brazil, USA, China, and Canada. Most of the world is still in shambles.

Countries (After Operation Unthinkable)

Nuclear Drop locations



Warsaw Pact

Asia Bloc

World Economic Crash

Economic Organizations

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