African Democratic Republic
Demokratischi Republik Africa
Timeline: What Bolsheviks?

OTL equivalent: Africa
Flag of Africa

Sieg Heil! (German)
("Hail Victory!")

Capital Léopoldville
Largest city Léopoldville
  others African
Religion Laicism
Government Bernsteinist single-party state
  legislature Reichstag
Reichstag Führer Egon Krenz
Komissar für Afrika Mulatu Teshome
Independence Gleichschaltung 1933
Reichskomissariat 1946
SotziRev 1952
Currency Afrikanische Mark
The African Democratic Republic (German: Demokratichi Republik Afrika) is a German protectorate in Africa. It was established after the 1953 Berlin Accords. Today Africa has its own central bank and its own currency, but usually relies on German support for its weak economy.

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