The Africa War was a war in Africa fought between US and NATO supported South Africa and Russian held Madagascar.

The War


As the powers tried to spread their influence one region they ttried to control was Africa. NATO had control of northern Africa. They had control because Egypt was part of the Middle East Republic, and the rest of the countries in Northern Africa were annexed into the North Africa Union. They also had an ally of South Africa in southern Africa. The Russians decided to gain territory in Africa too and invaded Madagascar, starting the Africa War.


The Russian invasion was swift, quickly overpowering the Madagascar defenders. They routed their armies back to the capital. NATO sent an army to combat the Russians. NATO forces landed in the northern part of Madagascar. Russian intelligence learned of the NATO army before they landed and the Russians set up an ambush. NATO forces were forced to stay on the landing beach. With NATO troops stuck the US began an intense bombing campaign of Madagascar. Russian forces were softened enough for the NATO troops to advance. The Russians were soon running short of supplies. They still had southern Madagascar under occupation. Casualties began to ride for both sides. Then on July 14 Russia and NATO negotiated for a ceasefire, and the war in Madagascar ended for now.


During the peace times Russia resupplied themselves in Madagascar. Madagascar was now split into Russia occupied South Madagascar and Western supported North Madagascar. The Russians then began to built forts on the border. They built up on suppplies and soldiers to protect it. Both sides did not break the ceasefire. But then Russia restarted the war with Operation Redbear, the invasion of South Africa.

South Africa

The Russians started their invasion by bombarding the coast of South Africa. They landed on the west coast and pushed toward the capital. NATO forces in response pushed into northern Madagascar. The Russians used their Madagascar slaves to defend Southern Madagascar. The slaves were not good fighters but they were great in numbers. In South Africa South African troops using US weapons fought the Russians. The Russians outnumbered the defenders and defeated them. The Russians marched to Cape Town. The South Africans evacuated and the Russians burned Cape Town. The Russians then declared their conquest of South Africa over. They then transported troops to Madagascar. Their they defended the southern coast. The Russians and NATO signed a peace treaty and the war was over.


The Russian victory in South Africa allowed to have influence in Africa. They were able to get South Africa's resources which helped them. The destruction of most of South Africa also made FIFA change location of the 2010 World Cup to the North African Union, specificly Morocco.

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