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The Africa Cup of Nations is a football tournament which has been reinstated which will take place in Africa and will include all of the teams on that continent. Like its pre-Doomsday equivalent it will be held bi-annually. The idea for a reformed Africa Cup of Nations was put forward by Botswana and has since then received backing from the West African Union and other countries in Africa. Since being approved by FIFA the event will take place in late 2010/2011 with qualification taking place in the summer of 2010 after the World Cup


  • 1957: Egypt
  • 1959: United Arab Republic
  • 1962: Ethiopia
  • 1963: Ghana
  • 1965: Ghana
  • 1968: Congo-Kinshasa
  • 1970: Sudan
  • 1972: Congo
  • 1974: Zaire
  • 1976: Morocco
  • 1978: Ghana
  • 1980: Nigeria
  • 1982: Ghana
  • 2011: New Britain (3-0 over Republic of Cameroon)

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