Colonial Period

Croatian Africa

Height of European colonization

From the 1870s until the First World War the great powers of Europe divided up the continent of Africa. France and the United Kingdom were the leading powers in this process. The Spanish, Dutch, and Croatians were other European powers that participated in the conquests.

Italy managed to gain the Congo as a colony later during this time, acting as a buffer between the French and British in the region.

Ethiopia and Liberia maintained their independence during this period.

Aftermath of World War I

The First World War had a number of small skirmishes take place on Africa. Mostly skirmishes in the Italian Congo. When the war ended Italy lost its claim on the Congo and the French, UK, and Croatia established an international mandate to aid the development of the colony.

Aftermath of World War II

After a second major war in a short time span the nations of Europe lost their desire to maintain their African colonies. Some were given immediate independence, others were prepared for independence over a period of up to a decade, some remained under control of Europe.

It was a period of small scale conflicts on the continent as various groups vied for power and the continent tried to find its own destiny.

African Union Forms

Africa survived in relatively good shape when the Third World War struck in 1962. The various states, ex-colonies, and occupied regions (such as French Algeria) began to unite. Over the next two decades an attempt was made to create a powerful, united nation out of the entire continent.

Afro-Croatian War

In 1989 tensions between the African Union and Croatian Empire continued to increase. The primary area of contention was the Suez Canal which was under Croatian control.Croatian Empire throw H-bomb on Kinshasa,Lagos,Dar-es-Salam,Ouagadougou and Johannesburg.African Union surrender and all continent is under control of Croatian Empire.Croatia create puppet-state:Sahara Tuareg State,Ethiopian Negusia,Swahili East African Republic,Zulu Kingdom,Neuvelle Zaire,West Africa Commonwealth,Egyptian Pharaoneate,Namibo-Botswanian Union,Morrocan Emirate,Central-African Nigeriana,Burkibenintogolia,Kabakatte Buganda,Madagascare-Seychelle-Comores Confederacy.

21st Century

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