Africa was somewhat less under European influence in the Chaos timeline than it was in OTL. This at least proved true for sub-Saharan Africa, where the discoveries by Portugal took longer, due to several circumstances. The opposite happened in North Africa: The Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal (and later France and Italy) conquered most of it and started to bring Arabs as slaves to Atlantis, replacing them by European settlers. Except for Egypt, these settlers would hold power even after the breakdown of their respective empires until present.

Two great empires, first Mali and later Songhay developed in western Africa, between the Sahara desert and the Portuguese-influenced coast, where after the conquest of Portugal by Spain the "mulatto kingdoms" would emerge, when many Portuguese fled to their colonies in Guinea and their sons with native women would take over.

Gradually, other powers would follow. Sweden established its colony Australia (OTL South Africa) under king Alexander, and France tried to conquer the Sinai to take control of the way to India. And the Muslim powers of Oman and later Persia would take control of the east coast.

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