The Afghanistan War, also known as the Ottoman War in Afghanistan, was a Cold War conflictwar lasting 10 years involving the Ottoman Empire supporting the Ottoman-allied Republic of Afghanistan against Mujahideen resistance. On June 7, 1969 Ottoman soldiers entered the western part of the country and occupied Mujahideen bases there. The Mujahideen got support from the Virginia, who was hoping to expand its influence in Asia. The deployment if Ottoman soldiers in Afghanistan began on June 7, 1969. The Ottoman withdrawal ended on August 16, 1979.


Following the end of World War II the Ottoman Empire hoped to expand its influence in Central and Southern Asia. In 1954 Ottoman soldiers entered Iran. By 1957 all of Iran was under Ottoman control.

The Ottomans decided the next place the strike would be Afghanistan. It did not want to invade, however, because the international community frowned on the invasion of Iran. So the Ottomans funded a coup made by the Afghan military. The coup resulted in the creation of the Republic of Afghanistan in 1968, which was allied to the Ottoman Empire. Not all groups liked this, and a year later a civil war began between the Republic and the Mujahideen resistance. The Ottomans did not want to have their influence gone in Afghanistan, and after the rebellion spread to most of Afghanistan, the Ottomans ordered their army to invaded western Afghanistan.

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