Anthem:Milli Tharana
Official Name:Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Languages:Dari, Pashto, Arabic
Government:Islamic totalitarian presidency
Head of State:President
Head of Government:First Vice President
Currency:Afghan afghani
Established:1919, 1954

Afghanistan is located in the Middle East, a landlocked nation. It had numerous governments, from communism to totalitarianism.

Afghanistan was given independence from United Kingdom on August 19th, 1919. They were, however, conquered by Germany during the Second Great War . When it ended in 1954, it returned as an independent nation, but Soviets wanted it, and began a campaign for it. They influenced Afghanistan to become communist.

Eventually, Afghanistan was controlled by Al-Qaeda. After the 9/11 Attacks, the Union of Nations decided to remove Emir Osama Bin Laden, arresting him and putting him in prison.

The Afghan Government has no legislative or judicial branch. The Afghan President makes all the laws.

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