Flag of Afghanistan (1974–1978) Emblem of Afghanistan (1974-1978)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Afghanistan
Anthem "Millī Surūd"
Capital Kabul
Largest city Kabul
Language Pashto, Dari
Area 652,864km^2/251,827 sq mi km²
Population 32,564,342 
Calling Code +93
Afghanistan is a country surrounded by mountains, isolating it from nearby countries such as Pakistan or Russia. Although freedom of religion is pervasive, at least 90% of the country follows Islam. An unremarkable country except for its vast deposits of opium, a key component in heroin.

Early history

When the british and russian empires were expanding, they were both separated by a section of land surrounded by mountains making afghanistan a buffer state.

Modern history

Afghanistan was a monarchy until 1973 when a bloodless coup installed a single party presidential republic. In our timeline, this government was toppled in the soviet invasion of afghanistan. Although the country experiences some political tension, it is still a far cry from the vile warzone that it is in otl.


Afghanistan is currently undergoing political tensions. There are also issues with opium farming. However, there is no al queda as that came from the mujaheddin nor is there a rise in radical islam. The country mostly deals with its own affairs with little contact with its neighbors.


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