The Soviet Union was the world's left-wing superpower of the 20th century, but as with all superpowers, there must be another to counter it. The United States held position of that counterpart, and in the last battle of the Cold War, America bred an all new enemy just in time for the demise of the USSR. But, what if this didn't happen? What would have happened if the US never helped the "freedom fighters"?


3 July 1979- President Carter rejects funding of the Mujahideen

27 December 1979- Soviets begin initial invasion of Afghanistan

13 February 1980- Osama bin Laden is assassinated by Soviet Spetsnaz "Vympel" group.

18 March 1981- Ahmad Shah Massoud is assassinated by joint Soviet Spetsnaz "Alfa" and "Vympel" groups

21 March 1981- Babrak Karmal is appointed head of the Afghan Soviet Socialist Republic

3 December 1996- Babrak Karmal dies

11 September 2001- 9/11 does not happen

Today- USSR is still intact without the loss of popularity in the actual war. Perestroika and Glasnost have helped ease US/ USSR relations. North Pakistan asks for USSR help, and USSR repeats process of the Afghan War. Pakistan is now occupied and the advantage is to the Soviets due to lack of US support.

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