Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
Flag of Aesir

An Aesir always repays his debts (Proto-Norse)

Anthem "The Battle song of Ymir"
Language Proto-Norse
Religion Ancestor Worship
Legislature Elected Monarchy


The Aesir are a tribe which are located on the islands on the eastern coast of the western continent called "the six realms".


The tribe is split into several clans, each located on one of the islands, ruled by Jarls or Kings. These clan leaders are in turn sworn to be ruled by a High King. The High King is one of their number who has the support and strength to rule the clans. The Aesir are a nautical race, traveling between islands on Primitive canoes. Their language is similar to Proto-Norse and they write in runic script. When a important family becomes big enough, to prevent violence or unnecessary power struggles, the head of the family will lead his people to start another Clan. This promotes expansion and prevents overcrowding on the islands. Because of this there are multiple Aesir settlements dotting the coast Westeros.

There are several differences between the clans depending on where they are.

The 6 realms clans: Here they live in traditional holds, with stone and earth walls, with a strong seafaring tradition. The warriors tend to wear leather armour with a few bronze pieces.

The Westeros clans: The holds here are usually defended by wooden palisades. Though seafaring still continues the main source of food is from hunting. The clans tend to remain mobile outside the holds and wear animal skins and fur due to the cold temperatures.

The Esteros clans: The clans here have domesticated horses and have settled into farming communities.

Los Islas clan "The mercenaries": The holds here are very fortified with iron weapons and bronze armour usually very common due to trade and a distrust of the wandal neighbours since "the raid wars".


The Titles in the Aesir society are as follows

High King- Jarl who with the support of the majority of clans leads the Aesir until death.

Jarl/King- Lord of individual Clan.

Thane- Truster lord of Jarl. Usually given command of a town and commands a detachment of Carls.

Housecarl/Huscarl- Carl who's purpose is to be the private bodyguard of their leader. Fights beside master in battle.

Carl- A full time warrior, equipped with full armour in service to Thane.

Freeman- Most commoners, can be called to serve in army during musterings but will not have the experience of a Carl.

Slave- Captured enemy or criminal, offspring are born free and raised in thanes court as servants.


6500 BC- The Clans are united under the first High King. Scouting of other islands begins in earnest.

6400 BC- Red Mountain Island is colonised.

6300 BC- Navagation by position of stars becomes commonplace. Red Mountain Priesthood formed (precursors of the Greybeards).

6200 BC- The Red Mountain Conquest occurs with Priesthood reduced in number. .

6100 BC- Hunting expeditions begin to other islands and mainland. Legend of Fenris first begins to occur.

6000 BC- Permanent settlement is formed on mainland.

2700 BC- Bronze begins being used.

1500 BC- War of the nine clans- War over who is the next High King between nine powerful clans. In end vote on next king is made mandatory so that alliances are more open and violence is reduced.

900 BC- The Northern Isles are settled. A clan becomes mercenaries to the Arkhaven.

750 BC- The war of raids begins between the Los Islas clan and the wandals. The High King intervenes before the conflict escalates.

600 BC- The Greybeards accidentally discover steel. The weapons forged are reserved for the High King only.

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