— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Egypt, Sudan
Aegyptus II
Location of Aegyptus
(and largest city)
Other cities Memphis, Thebes, Hercleopolis, Heliopolis
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Egyptian (Lingua Aegyptorum)
Roman Polytheism
  others Egyptian Polytheism, Angelic Gnosticism
Ethnic group Aegyptians, Judeans, Syrians, Cyrenes, Arabians, Italians, Greccians
Government Senatorial Province
  legislature Governor and Senate of Aegyptus
Established 723 (30 BC)

A Short History of Aegyptus

Aegyptus was one of the longest continuously lasting Empires in the world. However, near the start of the rise of the Romans Aegyptus was in decline. It was incorporated into the Empire at the start of the Imperial period. Aegyptus was the center of trade for gold and grain for the Empire and a source of many of the knowledge for the other provinces.

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