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Kingdom of Adyta
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Steubenville, OH
Flag of the Order of Saint Lazarus Lazarus cross
Flag Coat of Arms

Ave Crux (English)
("Hail thou Cross")

(and largest city)
Other cities Abel, New Avignon
Language English
Demonym Adytan
Government Absolute Monarchy
King Holy King Sam Palmer I
Established July 4th, 1970
Currency US Dollar
Adyta is an American Survivor State in Eastern Ohio.


In Steubenville OH, more than 30,000 people were thrown into a panic on October 28, 1962. Many fled to the countryside, into bunkers, or simply hid under desks, in a hazy nightmare. Many people turned to god.

In order to help keep the peace, Friar Grigsby led the public, facilitating their survival and unity in the coming hardships. The Church did humanitarian work, provided shelter to refugees, and became very central to people’s lives. The Democratically elected government, which had done little in it’s cantankerous debate, was viewed with disdain, and people turned to the church more and more. Friar Grigsby was viewed with a certain reverence, and held much sway in the public. 

Calls for a more efficient government were made, some people actively decrying democracy. Eventually, a mod outside city hall brought the issue to a head, and the government was dissolved in 1967. In the resulting power vacuum, Friar Grigsby was appointed as leader of the town. Grigsby was humbled by the role, although it is known he actively sought a sovereign to take his place.

Eventually, he found this in the form of former detective Sam Palmer, a man of action, and popular figure. Sam supported the Church even through the dissolution of the Civil Government, as he was very religious. On July 4th, 1970, Palmer was anointed as King Palmer I. His policies would shape Adyta into the state it has become today.

His first order of business was to levy a small army to pacify the warlords who had taken over the nearby towns and cities. Very often, they were so intimidated, that they surrendered immediately, and became Palmer’s vassals. Eventually, he named his realm “Adyta”, latin for shrine or sanctuary. He, with the help of Friar Grigsby, preached a unique interpretation of the Bible. The Great Nuclear War was viewed as a cleansing, similar to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (fire and brimstone), and that only devotion would keep nuclear was at bay. 


The King has an incredibly high approval rating, despite his failures to address food shortages and the poor health of the local water. Illiteracy is on the rise, although unemployment is low. Most people are farmers, with an upper class of merchants, as well as a noble class of Palmer's cronies.

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