Hitler dies of exposure to mustard gas in 1917 but a more effective leadership happens in the National Socialist party and His name is Johannes Drucker, who is less of an egomaniac than Hitler was, sneakier, more of better planner, but is equally devoted to the extermination of the Jews, seizes control of the Weimar Republic in 1930, and Nazified Germany by the end of 1931, and peacefully absorbed Austria in 1933, then Czechoslovakia in 1935, and created an military alliance with the United States. In 1938 declares war on France as an act of vengeance utilizing the blitzkrieg attack and seized by June 6 and then looked toward Poland and overwhelmed the ill-prepared Polish army in a period of two weeks and launched airborne invasion of Britain and successfully seized London, executing prime minister Neville Chamberlain and King George V with a puppet government led by Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists while the United States fights the empire of Japan in the Pacific. Germany then invades the Soviet Union on June 21, 1940 and advances east toward Moscow and and seizes the southern oilfields by 1941. Meanwhile, across the ocean, America develops the atomic bomb and launches the Fat Boy on Tokyo and the Pacific war seizes to be and the Japanese empire was absorbed by America into the American empire. In Europe, Soviet general Georgy Zhukov makes a last stand in near the Ural Mountains against General Erwin Rommel and rages for close to several months ending with Zhukov committing suicide. And in 1945, Johannes formed The Greater German Empire which spans from western Europe to the icy plains of Siberia. The Final Solution begins, as it would have diverted resources from the war with Russia, and the V-rockets are shared with the United States and both begin a space program, the American Rocket Force and The Reich Rocket Force. In 1961, Johannes Drucket dies of a heart attack and Reinhard Heydrich succeeds him, and a Cold War with the United States begins. In 1962, The United states sends a manned space ship to the moon commanded by pilot Joe Kennedy, Jr. As the first (American) human to walk on the surface of the moon, the Reich rocket force sends an expedition in response to Mars but blows up after leaving the atmosphere. A joint committee of German/American Scientists and Astronauts investigate and concluded that it was a technical error. President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger went on a goodwill mission and met with Reinhard and diplomat Kurt Waldheim to help ease relations between the two great powers. Madagascar, a refuge for Jews and other undesirables for over thirty years, formed the nation of New Israel, and is placed under American protection and is grudgingly accepted by the Reich. Reinhard died in the Führer's palace after suffering a stroke while swimming and drowned in the pool. Several months of confusion followed as Reinhard's death created a power vacuum against reform-minded Nazis and the conservative Nazis which erupted into a bloody civil war all over the Empire. America, supporting the Reformers, sent the U.S. Military to support them and secretly conquer the Germans, after a squad of CIA agents discover concentration camps and buried corpses of Jews. On June 1, 1975, The U.S. Liberation Army commenced invasion of The Greater German Empire and many resistance groups linked up with the liberation army to destroy Germany once and for all. twelve years later, Germany was conquered by the liberation army and was split between newly restored France and Great Britain.

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