Adolf Hitler


Chancellor of Germany

In office
Chancellor Himself
Preceded by Paul von Hindenburg

(as President)

Succeeded by Rommel

President of Germany

In office

30 January 1933 –30 April 1945

Deputy Franz von Papen
Preceded by Kurt von Schleicher
Succeeded by Joseph Goebbels

Born 20 April 1889

Braunau am Inn, Austria–Hungary

Died 30 April 1945 (aged 56)

Berlin, Prussia


Austrian citizen until 7 April 1925[1] Prussian citizen after 1932

Political party National Peoples Party (1925–Modern day)
Other political


German Workers' Party (1922–1925)
Spouse(s) Eva Braun

(29–30 April 1945)

Occupation Politician, soldier, artist, writer

Early life

World War One and Revolution

Hitler joined the German army in November 1914 and joined the elite Royal Guards. He served with distinction at the front near Kiel and was wounded twice that year. He then was posted as a training corporal to the military training school at Oldenburg, where he served until February 1917. Corporal Hitler was then transferred to the 23rd Stormtroop Battalion and participated in the 1917 Kaiser Offensive. For his bravery during this offensive, Hitler was promoted to Sergeant and given the Iron Cross 2nd class. Hitler remained with this unit until the end of the war. In March 1919, though with Germany entering revolution, Hitler was posted to Berlin as a military policeman. However, Hitler was a strong supporter of the military government and asked permission to form a militia force in Berlin with which he could suppress the rebels. He was allowed to do so, and so the Berlin Defence Force was created, and within a month of its formation had 1500 members. Hitler used the BDF to suppress any anti-government protesters and even took the law into his own hands. It was the shooting of 15 rebels in August 1919 that drew Hitler to the army's attention, and he was removed as leader of the BDF and discharged from the army.

Buildup of germany


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