Hitler in 1933

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The path of darkness

The vision

Hitler's views took a dramatic turn on October 14, 1918.  Some accept Hilter's personal account that he suffered blindness as the result of a gas attack while other accept the ruling of the doctor that treated him that it was brought on by hysteria.  Regardless the vision he had with that blindness change him...and the world.

"Before the gas attack I like most people of my generation regarded the Jew as the source of all our ills but the attack gave me a God inspired vision of the Jew's true purpose as well all the other races.

In my vision I saw animals that were fit for their particular environment placed in other environments and quickly die followed by a diverse group of animals being placed in those same environments with some surviving. I quickly realized the meaning of the vision--no animal is fittest for all environments. Since man himself is an animal this must also apply to the various races of man-each is best suited to a certain environment.
But man is also unique among the animals in that to a limited extent he can change his local environment and so select what traits are desirable and which are not. This is the true danger of social awareness where certain non productive individuals are coddled and allows them to reproduce weakening the society as a whole. Similarly this power Man has is what to a large extent has transformed the Jew from the warrior of the Old Testament to the money lending parasite he is now.

We have the power to select what traits in any race we deem fit but we must remember that as with any animal there are certain racial traits that are already evident and therefore easier to select for. The German people have intellect, the Negroid ability to survive in settings that have deterred all but the strongest or determined white man, the Americans have pushed toward inventiveness as demonstrated by the their crowning achievement Edison, and so on. Each race and culture has selected for those traits it desires an so the question became what traits does Germany desire?" (Memories of Adolf Hitler 1923)

The Speech

Tasked with infitrating the DAP (German Worker's Party) Hitler was so insensed with the views expressed in a 1919 meeting that he stormed to the podium and gave what would be the first of many speeches.  However, Hitler always regarded it as his most important speech as part of his vision had revealed Germany's fate if she took up the mantel of racial purity.  The entire speech has been lost to history though Hitler did produce a more refined version in 1923 which does survive.

"I have often spoke of my Great War vision of how animals that were fit for their particular environment placed in other environments and quickly die followed by a diverse group of animals being placed in those same environments with some surviving.

But unlike all the other animals Man can shape his environment. We the society choose what traits we desire and which will lead to extinction. Which brings me to the issue of the Jew.

If one reads the Old Testament one sees a very different Jew...a predatory animal weeding out the weak and unfit city states. The current backstabbing parasitical moneylender Jew is no where to be found. So what happened to so transform the Jew? As much as it pains me to say this WE HAPPENED!

While the beginning of the downfall was the Jew's own fault in the form of Solomon becoming soft and letting religions that were an affront to God to flourish resulting in the division of Israel allowing them to be conquered by surrounding cultures, these cultures pushed the Jew into moneylending.
Being God's chosen people they quickly adapted to the new environment. But we like the English writer Shelly's fictional maker of men do not take responsibility for the monster in our midst we have created and like Victor Frankenstein we risk being destroyed by our own creation.

However it has not progressed to the point where the Jew cannot be saved. In our midst there is an example of a Jew who turned his culturally enforced love of numbers not to vile profession of moneylending but to the high ideal of scientific mathematics and has quite literally changed the very foundation of the world.
So what set Einstein from his fellow Jews? German culture that is what! Unlike many of his fellow it was not the moneylending culture we created that dominated but our German culture. If this can happen by accident imagine what can happen if we consciously select for such traits!

We have seen that the Jew is adaptive so all we need is decide what traits we desire. We can return the Jews to the warrior perditor of the Old Testament with Europe our new Holy Land if we so wish. We can create an entire culture of Einsteins and become scientific giants if that is our desire. We can go further and create a culture of super Kochs and make medicine our new kingdom. Or we could push the Jew into invention to produce an entire culture of Edisons create a Germany with technology unmatched in the world.

But like all change this will not be painless. In changing the environment the current backstabbing parasitical moneylender Jew will not longer be fit. Those that cannot or will not change will die. But those that survive will be better and stronger for it.

Each race has its own traits and like the fingers of a hand we must utilitze each race's strength so no matter what nature or man throws our way Germany as a country will survive.  The German has his intellect. The Negriod has the ability to survive in Africa which tends to reduce all but the strongest white man to jelly. The American has created a culture of inventiveness and self reliance before unseen. But the Jew is unique in his trait is adaptability. He is a Tabla Rosa...a blank slate on to which traits can be put. 

Darwin and fortune has given us the keys. We can use those keys and open a door of endless possibilities...or we can throw those keys away and bemoan the time when the monster we created is at our door." (Adolf Hitler Munich 1923)

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