Adolf Hitler

Portrait of Adolf Hitler
Official portrait by Heinrich Knirr (1937)

Führer and Chancellor of the Germanic Reich
Führer und Kanzler des Germanischen Reiches

August 2, 1934 – October 27, 1957

Successor: Rudolf Hess (as Führer)
Heinrich Himmler (as Chancellor)

Eternal Protector of the Germanic People
Ewiger Beschützer des Germanischen Volkes

October 27, 1957 – present

Born: April 20, 1889
Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary
Died: October 27, 1957 (aged 68)
Berchtesgaden, Germania
Spouse: Eva Hitler (née Braun)
Political Party: National Socialist Germanic Workers' Party
Religion: Universalism
Profession: Author, artist, politician, soldier

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 – October 27, 1957)


Early life (1889–1918)

Rise to power (1919–1933)

Wartime dictator (1934–1944)

Road to war (1934–1939)

Second World War (1939–1944)

Second Interbellum (1944–1957)

Heralding the Golden Dawn (1944–1952)

  1. Post-war pacification and reconstruction

Later years (1952–1957)

  1. Hess-Bormann influence from December 20, 1952
  2. Figurehead role and progressing illness
  3. Private marriage to Eva Braun on May 8, 1955

Death and legacy

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