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Eurasia has over 200 administrative divisions with varying levels of government authority, extremely varying populations, economic systems, etc.

Affiliated States


Affiliated States are the first of the administrative divisions of the Eurasian Union. Rather than being created due to a special purpose, they are the remnants of five of the six vassal states of the Russian Empire before the Autumn Revolutions (the sixth, Congress Poland, was released by joint decision of the Russian and German governments as the Second Polish Republic). 

The Affiliated States are almost independent. Only foreign diplomacy, customs, trade regulations, immigration policy and interstate infrastructure are managed by the Eurasian government; the states can establish their own constitutions and Parliaments, have their own armies, have different fiscal policies in regards to spending and taxation, and administration of local infrastructure, education, healthcare and trade legislation (although these are required to work by sets of policy arranged by the central Eurasian government). Police forces, social and cultural legislation is also fully devolved and independent from other states. Laws that are not specified by Eurasian law are left up for the Affiliated States to legislate.

Besides Finland, the Affiliated States tend to be far more conservative than the Eurasian average, with right-wing governments in four of them. Political parties, like in the States of the Union, are fully internal, but are affiliated to one of the pan-Eurasian governments. The Affiliated States of the Eurasian Union are as follows:

Affiliated State Capital Official Language(s) Abbreviation Notes Seats in the Duma of Nationalities Population
Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara Emirate of Bukhara Bukhara Uzbek, Tajik BUK 78 13,450,000
Flag of Finland Grand Duchy of Finland Helsinki Finnish, Swedish FIN 24 4,750,000
Bandera de Khiva abans 1917 Khanate of Khiva Khiva Uzbek KHI 9 1,500,000
Flag of the Emperor of Manchukuo Great Manchu Empire Mukden Manchu, Mandarin, Russian MAN 107 18,610,000
Flag of Mongolia (1911-1921) Mongol Khaganate Niĭslel Khüree Mongolian MON 18 3,250,000

States of the Union


States of the Union are provincial territories created to accommodate regional minorities with their own regional governments. Besides the Affiliated States, the States of the Union are the most autonomous of the regions of Eurasia, as they have their right to their own constitution and their own legislature elected by suffrage. Modeled after US States, the Eurasian government has a system of dual federalism, with states having control over property, inheritance, interstate commercial, banking, corporate, insurance, family, morality, public health, education, criminal law (to a degree), land use, local government and licensing. They differ from Affiliated States in the fact that their fiscal autonomy is not nearly as extensive (they need to abide by much Eurasian legislation). While Russia technically functions as a State of the Union, because of its huge size (almost five times the second largest nation, Ukraine, in population) the Russian State doesn't really exist, and while delegates to the Duma of Nationalities are technically part of Russia's parliamentary territory, in reality they are ordered by Oblast instead. The States of the Union are:

State of the Union Capital Official Language(s) Abbreviation Notes Seats in the Duma of Nationalities Population
Flag of Abkhazia Abkhazia Sukhumi Abkhaz ABK 4 750,000
Flag of Adygea Adyghea Maykop' Adyghe ADY also known as Circassia 38 6,350,000
Flag of Karachay-Balkaria Alania Nalchik Kabardin-Balkar ALA also Karachai-Balkaria 3 412,000
Flag of Altai Republic Altay-Turan Tuulu Altay Altay ATY 3 450,000
Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 Aralia Nukus Karakalpak ARL 16 2,700,000
Flag of Armenia Armenia Yerevan Armenian ARM 60 10,250,000
Аварцы Avaria Buynaksk Avar AVA 5 760,000
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Baku Azeri AZE 56 9,400,000
Flag of Bashkortostan Bashkiria Öfö Bashkir BAS 36 6,125,000
Flag of Buryatia Buryatia Ulan-Ude Buryat BUR 17 2,800,000
Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Byelorussia Min'sk Belorussian BYE 66 11,125,000
Flag of Chuvashia Chuvashia Cheboksary Chuvash CVS 13 2,200,000
Flag of Dagestan Darginia Makhachkala Dargin, Lak DAR 3 490,000
Flag of Estonia Estonia Tallinn Estonian EST 8 1,300,000
Flag of Ezo (Heartfelt Fancy) Ezo Sat Poro Pet Ainu, Japanese EZO 14 2,390,000
Flag of Georgia Georgia Tbilisi Georgian GEO also known as Kartvelia 31 5,200,000
Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Ichkeria Grozny Chechen, Ingush ICH 9 1,500,000
Inkerin lippu Ingria Jaama Izhorian, Votic, Estonian, Finnish INK often translated as "Inkeri" 5 790,000
Flag of Kalmykia Kalmykia Elista Kalmyk KLN 2 310,000
KarelianNationalFlag Karelia Petroskoi Karelian KRJ Also known as Karjala; has several different flags 4 648,000
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Alma-Ata Kazakh KAZ 101 17,320,000
Flag of Khakassia Khakassia Abakan Khakas KAK 4 594,000
Flag of Komi Komi Syktykvar Komi-Zyrian, Komi-Permian KMI 6 1,020,000
Flag of the Crimean Republic Krym Simefropol Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian KRY 12 2,010,000
Кумыкия Kumykia Sulak Kumyk KUY 4 740,000
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Kyrgyz KYR 36 5,990,000
Flag of Latgale Latgale Daugavpils Latgallian LGL 2 321,000
Flag of Latvia Latvia Jelgava Latvian LAT 12 1,990,000
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius Lithuanian, Yiddish LIT 18 2,990,000
Flag of Livonia Livonia Vǟnta Livonian LVN 2 300,000
Flag of Korea 1882 Manchu Korea Baegdusan Hamyong Korean, Mandarin, Russian MAK 26 4,314,000
Flag of Mari El (New Union) Mari El Yoshkar-Ola Mari dialects MAF officially the Marya Federation 13 2,103,000
Mordovia flag 1994 Mordovia Saran-Os' Moksha, Erzya MEF officially the Moksha-Erzya Federation 25 4,203,000
Ногайцы Nogai Kaspiyisk Nogai NOG 2 297,000
Калмышкиеэмигранты1930-е Oiratia Kumul Oirat OIR 4 682,000
Flag of South Ossetia Ossetia Dzæwdžyqæw Ossete OSS 5 760,000
Flag of Gorno-Badakhstan Pamiristan Хоруғ Pamiri, Sogdian PMI 6 937,000
Flag of Russia Russia Tsarskoye Selo Russian RUS contains all Oblasts' as a single administrative unit; is in fact further devolved - see Oblasts' section 1318 221,060,000
Flag of Sakha Sakhastan Yakutsk Sakha Language SAK 4 735,000
Samogitia (Duchy) Samogitia Telšiai Samogitian Lithuanian, Polish SMG 3 500,000
Sami flag Sápmi Lujávri Saami languages SPI 4 720,000
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan Dushanbe Tajik TJK 36 6,037,500
Flag of Tuva Tannu-Tuva Kyzyl Tuvan TTV 2 351,000
Flag of the Kazan Khanate Tatarstan Qazan Tatar TAT 42 7,121,000
Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Ashgabat Turkmen TRK 30 5,101,000
Flag of Udmurtia Udmurtia Ižkar Udmurt UDM 5 837,500
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Kiyv Ukrainian UKR 268 45,040,000
Flag of Uzbekistan (New Union) Uzbekistan Tashkent Uzbek UZB 179 30,210,000
Kokbayraq flag Uyghuristan Ürmüqi Uyghur, Kazakh, Mandarin UYG 66 10,160,000
Эстонцы-сето(Псков) Vooria Tartu South Estonian VOO 2 447,000
Вепсы Vepsia Čerepovec Vepsian VPS 2 261,000

Autonomous Cities


Autonomous Cities are cities recognised as either culturally, economically, or politically significant, and thus separated from their home territories. They technically act as States of the Union, with their own Citizen Assemblies (which act as Parliaments) and Political Charters (acting as Constitutions). However, their recognition as single urban units rather than widespread territories change their position in comparison with the States of the Union. Two of the autonomous cities are granted specialised treatment as no part of a regional subject (Moscow and Saint Petersburg are their own regional subjects, under direct administration from the Duma) while the other three are part of their respective regions.  

Autonomous City Official Language(s) Abbreviation Notes Seats in the Duma of Nationalities Population
Flag of Moscow Moscow Russian MSK 78 13,050,000
Flag of Saint Petersburg Russia St.Petersburg Russian, Finnish, German SPE 34 5,750,000
Рижскоеархиепископство Riga Russian, Latvian, German RGA 24 4,120,000
Flag of Crimea Sevastopol Russian SVS 17 2,900,000
Flag of Manchukuo Port Arthur Russian, Manchu POA 12 2,110,000

(seats decided by the equation s=2987*(x/501), where x is the population of the subject and s the amount of seats)


The Russian Federation, the largest and most populous of all the States of the Union, is almost as large as all the other states put together. Therefore, rather than adopting a single external appearance, its major subdivisions, the oblasts' , are taken as another top-level administrative division. They are far less autonomous than the rest, as their regional assemblies control little more than local affairs, with fiscal policy and all the other powers devolved to the other regions controlled by a central government in Tsarskoye Selo. Even then, the oblasts have substantial regional autonomy.
Oblast Capital Abbreviation Notes Direct Seats in the Duma of Nationalities Population
Поморье Arkhangelsk Oblast Arkhangelsk ARK 39 8,625,000
Flag of Astrakhan Oblast Astrakhan Oblast Astrakhan AST 28 6,150,000
Flag of Kirov Region Vyatka Oblast Vyatka VYA 31 7,005,000
Flag of siberia (horizontal) Krasnoyarsk Oblast Krasnoyarsk KRA 49 10,980,000
Moscova flag Moscow Oblast Ryazan MCO also Muscovy Oblast, Ryazan Oblast 129 28,830,000
Flag of Nizhny Novgorod Region Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Nizhny Novgorod NIN 58 12,910,000
Flag of Novgorod Oblast Novgorod Oblast Novgorod NOV also Saint Petersburg Oblast 21 4,950,000
TomskOblastFlag Novosibirsk Oblast Novosibirsk NVS 55 12,300,000
Flag of Omsk Oblast Omsk Oblast Omsk OMC 40 9,000,000
Flag of Russia (1668) Perm Oblast Perm PRM 51 11,400,000
Flag of Amur Oblast Primorsky Oblast Vladivostok PRI 55 12,300,000
Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Pskov Oblast Pskov PSK 21 4,650,000
Flag of Saratov Oblast Saratov Oblast Saratov SAR 45 10,050,000
Flag of Smolensk oblast Smolensk Oblast Smolensk SML 20 4,500,000
Flag of Stavropol Krai Stavropol Oblast Stavropol STV 43 9,600,000
Flag of Tambov Oblast Tambov Oblast Tambov TMB 22 4,950,000
Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast Tobolsk Oblast Tobolsk TBL 52 11,550,000
Flag of Ulyanovsk Oblast Tsaritsyn Oblast Tsaritsyn TSA 42 9,300,000
Naval Ensign of Russia Tsarskoye Selo Capital Region Tsarskoye Selo TSS 1 233,000
Flag of Tver Oblast Tver Oblast Tver TVE 26 5,700,000
Flag of Tyumen Oblast Tyumen Oblast Tyumen TYU 24 5,400,000
Siberian flag Yakutsk Oblast Yakutsk YAK also Sibir Oblast 20 4,500,000
Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast Yaroslavl Oblast Yaroslavl YSL 24 5,400,000
Flag of the Ural government (1918) Yekaterinburg-Uralsky Oblast Yekaterinburg YEU 94 21,000,000

Native Enclaves


Native enclaves are smaller native-inhabited territories. They do not have nearly as many amounts of independence as the other regions; while they contain autonomy in regards to courts of law, cultural and social legislation, their immigration law is set by Eurasia (movement between these territories and the rest of Eurasia is limited) and the budgets are directly determined for the Committee of Native Affairs, a subcommittee of the Duma of Nationalities. Each of the Native Enclaves contains one seat in the Duma. Many States of the Union have actually previously been native enclaves. After the native population rises above 250,000, a literary corpus is established and the economy rises above a certain level, the Native Enclaves are granted a constitution and made States of the Union.

Affiliated State Capital Official Language(s) Abbreviation Notes Seats in the Duma of Nationalities Population
Flag of Amur OblastAmurye Padali Oroch, Udege, Nanai, Urk, Ulita AMY 1 123,000
Flag of DagestanAndia-Didia Agvali Andic, Didoic languagse ADD 1 80,000
Flag of Kamchatka KraiChukchia Anadyr Chukchi CKC 1 16,000
Mongolia (Stalinless)Daguria Dagursk Daur DGU 1 61,000
Flag of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous DistrictEnetsia Noril Enets ENT 1 12,300
Flag of Khabarovsk KraiEvenkia Lamutsk Even EVE ' 1 19,000
Flag of YugraKhantia Kogalym Khanty KHT 1 37,000
Flag of Persia 1502-1524Khorasan Saleh Abad Afshar, Khorasani Turkic, Moghol AKM officially the Afshar-Khorasani-Moghol Federation 1 215,000
Flag of DagestanLakland Kumukh Lak LAK 1 121,000
ЛудыLudia Pindushi Ludic LDA 1 10,000
Flag of Yugra (New Union)Mansia Nyagan Mansi MSA 1 15,000
Hollowsunby6ziMonguoria Minhe Monguor MGR 1 110,000
Flag of Nenets Autonomous DistrictNenetsia Naryanmar Nenets NEN 1 52,000
Flag of Taymyr Autonomous OkrugNganasan-Taymyria Dikson Nganasan NGT 1 27,000
Flag of Krasnoselkupsky rayon (Yamal Nenetsia)Selkupia Krasnoselkup Selkup SKP 1 13,000
Shor flagShoria Gornaya Shorsk Shor SHO 1 17,000
Flag of Turukhansky rayon (Krasnoyarsk krai)Tunguska Chekosk Evenki TGS 1 60,000

Native and Nature Reservations

A subset of the native enclaves for the very smallest ethnic groups is the Native and Nature Reservations, directly under control of the central Eurasian government. Native Reservations are allocated for very small ethnic groups (all those under 10,000 inhabitants) and those which are seminomadic or nomadic. They are protected by confederal forces, with prohibitions for movement for almost all people (and requirements of visas for those who are allowed to travel to the areas) and an attempt to codify written language.

Native Reservation Protected Language(s) Notes Estimated Population
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal)Evenia Even 5,700
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal)Ketland Ket 1,570
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal)Nivkhia Nivkh 5,900
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal)Orokia Orok 700
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal)South Samoyedia Mator 760
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal)Tofa Tofan 2,700
Flag of Eurasia (Proposal)Yukaghiria North, South Yukaghir 1,560

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