Adeyemism is the name given to the political, economic, and domestic policies outlined by Ishe Adeyemi. The reforms advocated by Adeyemi were meant to attempt to solve some of the fundamental problems facing the stability and effectiveness of African nations.

Ishe Adeyemi

Main Concepts

Regulated Free Market

Adeyemi believed that, while a free market economy was necessary for economic growth and social mobility, without regulation it would eventually lead to worker exploitation and an increase in the class divide. He advocated a strict labour code, competition laws, and penalties for outsourcing jobs to foreign countries with incompatible labour laws. Penalties for cutting jobs while posting a profit and limits and rules for executive bonuses should also be implemented.

Representative Democracy

A representative democracy was deemed the ideal form of government, what form that took mattered little as long as elections were free and fair, and there was some form of accountability.

Social Justice

Freedom of expression is of utmost importance. Without the freedom to express dissent peacefully, violence is the only other option. A free press allowing the free flow of information to the populace would be important not only to morale, but to the democratic process. Freedom of religion is important, so that no group feels marginalized by the state.


Without an educated population, you cannot have democracy or economic growth. A fully funded education system is essential for universal literacy, social mobility, and maintaining an informed population, which is in turn essential for the democratic process.


In order to avoid the common military coups in Africa, an increased focus on nationalism, as well as rotating commanding officers in the military in order to build loyalty to the state, rather than to a single person, should be implemented.


Corruption is one of the biggest problems in African government. In order to stem government corruption, no single government official should be given broad powers. Heavy penalties, including imprisonment, should accompany corruption crimes. While state-owned companies are allowed, they must follow the same regulations as private corporations, including competition laws.

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