People's Democratic Republic of Aden



Government:Socialist semi-presidential one-party republic

Head of State:President

Head of Government:Prime Minister

Legislature:Adeni Supreme Assembly
Established:1970 (preceded People's Republic of Aden)

Aden is a socialist nation in the southern Persian Gulf. It is a member of the Arab League and GCC.


Aden was a part of British India until 1963, when it became South Arabia. In 1967, South Arabia became Aden.

In 1970, a radical Marxist group took over Aden, changing it to what it is now. It remains close to China, Cuba, and Palestine.


Though all Adenis were allowed to vote, the only legal political party was the Adeni Socialist Party. They elect the representatives in the Adeni Supreme Assembly. The Adeni Socialist Chairman was the Adeni President. He (or she) elected the Adeni Prime Minister.

Heads of State

  1. President Salim Ali Rubai (1970-1978)*
  2. President Ali Nasir Muhammad (1978)
  3. President Abdul Fattah Ismail (1978-1980)
  4. President Ali Nasir Muhammad (1980-1986)
  5. President Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas (1986-1990)
  6. President Ali Salim Al-Baidh (1990-present)

Heads of Government

  1. Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Haitham (1970-1971)
  2. Prime Minister Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas (1971-1986)
  3. Prime Minister Yasin Said Numan (1986-1991)
  4. Prime Minister Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas (1991-present)

  • Rubai became Adeni President in 1969. He was the 1st President of the People's Democratic Republic of Aden

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