Aden was a place in Yemen. Since 1226 (as in OTL), it was under the Rasulide dynasty.

In 1325, the Zaidite dynasty restricted the Rasulids to South Yemen. 1449, the latter were completely defeated by the Zaidites.

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After the Second French-Seljuk War (1635-46), in the peace of Györ, France took the strategically important Aden. The Rum-Seljuks reconquered it in the anti-French War, together with Jerusalem and the Sinai.

1717-23, France used the opportunity, allied with Persia and stroke against the Rum-Seljuks in the Fourth French-Seljuk War. The French again occupied the Sinai and Aden, while Persia took the prestigious Holy Cities of Islam.

When France became a republic, and was subsequently cut off from its colonies in the French Republican Wars, Persia used the opportunity to take Aden back.

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