Adela the Younger of Gaul
Adele the Younger.jpg
Princeps of Gaul, Lower Germania, and Britannia
Spouse Flavius Marticius
Claudia Flavia
Full name
Adela Postuma Augusta
Nobility Augustinian Dynasty
Father Postumus I
Mother Adela
Born 254
Lutetia, Gallic Empire
Died 30 July 311
Lutetia, Gaul
Occupation Princeps of Gaul
Religion Hellenism

Princeps Adela the Younger (254-311) was the daughter of the first Gallic emperor, Postumus. She was also the brother of Imperator Marius and Imperator Augustus. She married the powerful landowner, Flavius Marticius, in May 277.

She was the favorite of her mother, hence why she received the namesake. Despite being female, she acquired the title Princeps upon her father's ascension as Imperator.

Marriage and later life

Once she married Flavius Marticius, she joined his household in Burdigala, Aquitania. Records indicate that the marriage was a happy one for the first few years. However Adela could not bare children and the union grew unhappy.

After 12 years of marriage, Adela became pregnant; Claudia Flavia Postuma Marticius was born in 289. Although happy at the birth of a child, the childbirth ruined Adela's health permanently. As a result, she would never give birth again.

Adela was widowed upon Flavius's death in 302. She managed the household vigorously and ensured that her husband's companions recognized Claudia Flavia as Flavius's legitimate successor. In 309, Adela sought to match her daughter with a powerful leader. By June, prospects were high; Adela and her younger brother Augustus decided to arrange a union between their two children. Claudia Flavia and Augustus the Younger were wed later that year.

Adela died of natural causes in 30 July 311.

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