Adela of Gaul
Regina Adela.jpg
Empress of Gaul, Lower Germania, and Britannia
Consort Postumus
Adela the Younger - Marius - Augustus - Alexandrius - Attia
Full name
Adela Atia Romana Postumus
Nobility Augustinian Dynasty
Born circa 230
Rome, Roman Empire
Died 3 July 290
Lutetia, Gaul
Occupation Empress of Gaul
Religion Hellenism

Regina Adela (230?-290) was the wife of Postumus and mother to two future emperors: Marius and Augustus.


Early life

Adela was reportedly born in 230 to lowly plebs in the central sector of Rome, Italia. According to Adela's private letters, her mother was a woman named Lucinda whom died in 232. Her father, Camon, was a servant to an influential patrician within Rome. After Emperor Severus was murdered (235), Adela and her father fled a chaotic Rome and settled in Lutetia. Unfortunately, Camon died of smallpox that same year; Adela became an orphan.

She worked as servant girl for a wealthy family in Lutetia until she caught the eye of Marcus Postumus in March 253. Postumus formally asked for Adela's hand in marriage on 6 June 253: she accepted the proposal and they were promptly wed. From the marriage, Adela gave Postumus five children: Adela (254), Marius (259), Augustus (264), Alexandrius (268), and Attia (270).

As Regina

When Postumus declared himself Imperator, in turn he declared Adela as Regina of the Gallic Empire. As Regina, her duties were mainly ceremonial and symbolical. However, she kept a staff of her own and began the commission of the Imperial Palace in Lutetia (263).

Upon her husband's death on the battlefield (274), Adela was widowed. Her son, Marius, came to the throne; he granted his mother the title Regina Mater for life. She died 3 July 290, possibly from pneumonia.

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