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The Adams political family is one of the most prominent political dynasties in United States history, originating in Massachusetts and having a profound impact on the development of the nation's path from the 18th century and onwards. The family has produced numerous important New England politicians as well as two Presidents - John Adams (1797-1801) and George Adams (1851-1861).


  • Samuel Adams (1722-1803); American Revolutionary, Governor of Massachusetts from 1793-1797
  • John Adams (1735-1823); American Revolutionary, 1st Vice President from 1789-1797, 2nd President from 1797-1801
    • John Quincy Adams (1767-1849) US Senator and Representative from Massachusetts, Secretary of State under William Crawford from 1817-1821, US Presidential candidate 1820
      • George W. Adams (1801-1887) 11th President of the United States 1851-1861, 13th Vice President of the United States 1849-1851, US Senator from Massachusetts 1843-1849; US Representative from Massachusetts 1831-1843
        • John George Washington Adams (1834-1899) US Representative from Massachusetts 1865-1871, US Senator from Massachusetts 1875-1881
          • John Willard Adams, Sr. (1859-1928) US Army Major during Alaskan War, Undersecretary of War 1901-1905, Massachusetts politician and businessman
            • Willard Ames Adams (1885-1970) US Army Officer in Pacific War, Massachusetts businessman and banker, Board of US National Bank 1947-1954
            • John Willard Adams, Jr. (1888-1935) US Army Officer in Pacific War, Massachusetts state politician
            • Edward Quincy Adams (1890-1925) US Artillery officer, killed at Battle of San Mateo in Pacific War
            • John George Adams (1894-1926) US Naval officer, killed in Battle of Hawai'i during Pacific War
          • George Washington Adams II (1861-1886)
          • Roger Scott Adams (1864-1945) US Representative from Massachusetts 1897-1915, Candidate for US Senator in 1914, 1918, 1920 and 1926.
        • Robert John Adams (1837-1884) US Army General, killed at Burrard in 1884 in Alaskan War
        • Roger Davis Adams (1840-1885) US Representative from Massachusetts 1871-1877, US Army Colonel killed at Novositka in 1885 in Alaskan War
          • Stewart Davis Adams (1864-1930)
          • Roger Quincy Adams, Sr. (1869-1955)
            • Roger Quincy Adams, Jr. (1900-2002)
              • Roger Quincy Adams III (1925-) Massachusetts lawyer and businessman, mayor of Lexington 1975-1985
            • John Richard Hall Adams (1904-1998) Massachusetts politician and lawyer, Mayor of Boston 1950-1957
              • Richard John Adams (1930-) Massachusetts State Senator from 1971-Present
                • Richard Quincy Adams (1961-) US Junior Senator from Massachusetts since 2007
          • William Bettis Adams (1872-1947)
            • William Roger Adams (1898-1978)
        • Henry Davis Adams (1842-1904) US Senator from Aroostook 1883-1893, US Secretary of the Treasury 1893-1895
      • John Quincy Adams II (1803-1860) US Senator from Connecticut 1841-1857
        • John Quincy Adams III (1835-1903) Governor of Connecticut 1875-1883
          • John Quincy Adams IV (1860-1884) US Army Officer, killed at Bellingham in 1884
        • Charles Stephen Adams (1838-1910) Connecticut lawyer and judge
          • Charles Robert Adams (1871-1941) Connecticut politician and businessman, mentor to Prescott Bush
        • Samuel Washington Adams (1841-1886) US Army General, killed at Omaha in 1886 in Alaskan War
          • Samuel Washington Adams II (1866-1884) US Army soldier, killed at Evgenigrad in 1884
      • Charles Francis Adams, Sr. (1807-1889) US Representative from Massachusetts 1835-1839, Governor of Massachusetts 1843-1855, US Secretary of State 1855-1861, US Presidential candidate 1860, Ambassador to Scotland 1865-1874
        • Charles Francis Adams, Jr. (1835-1915)
          • Charles Francis Adams III (1866-1954)
            • Charles Francis Adams IV (1910-1999)
              • Charles Francis Adams V (1933-)
              • John Quincy McGreer Adams (1935-)
              • Roger Washington Adams (1938-1980)
            • Robert Baker Adams (1912-1997) US Senator from Washington 1961-1967, US Representative from Washington 1951-1961, Washington politician and lawyer
              • Robert John Adams (1934-) Governor of Washington 1991-1999
              • Roger Douglas Adams (1937-2009) US Representative from Oregon 1985-1991, Oregon politician and lawyer
          • John Robert Adams, Sr. (1868-1908)
            • John Robert Adams, Jr. (1896-1950)
          • Benjamin Franklin Adams (1868-1896) Massachusetts Lutheran minister
          • Samuel Adams II (1871-1940) Massachuesetts politician and businessman
        • John Roger Adams (1837-1920) US Presidential historian, antislavery activist and New York lawyer
          • John Francis Adams (1862-1951) Massachusetts lawyer, judge and novelist
        • Henry Brooks Adams (1838-1918)
        • Peter Adams (1848-1927) Historian and mayor of Quincy, Massachusetts
    • Charles Adams (1770-1800) Second son of John Adams, New York lawyer
    • Thomas Boylston Adams (1772-1820) Third son of John Adams, Massachusetts state politician and judge

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