President John Adams 1797 - 1805


1800 John Adams declares war on France. With Hamilton's support he carries New York State and is re-elected president.

1803 When France regains Louisiana, Hamilton invades with a (for the time) large American army, takes New Orleans, claims the Louisiana Territory for the US.

1804 Hamilton the Hero of New Orleans is elected president.

1808 Hamilton is re-elected.

1812 Hamilton's picked candidate Charles Pinckney is elected president.

1814 -1815 John Quincy Adams performs brilliantly as US envoy at the Congress of Vienna. The >U.S. emerges as the acknowledged "protector" of the Latin American states freed from Spain and also of Haiti freed from France.

1816 Pinckney is re-elected and presides over an "Era of Good Feelings" with Adams as his Secretary of State.

1820 John Q. Adams in elected president. A combination of hard times (the equivalent of the panic of 1819 in OTL) and Adams' acerbic personality begins to weaken the Federalists, who tend to divide on regional lines.

1824 John Q. Adams is re-elected president. The regional divisions are sharpened.

1828 Bitterly disputed election between Daniel Webster (backed by Adams), John C. Calhoun (backed by PInckney) and Henry Clay. Break-up of the dominant Federalist Party. Clay backs Webster in the House on an agreement to support the American System policy of high tariffs.

Election Results: States carried with electoral votes:

Electoral Votes:Total 264 Majority Needed to Elect: 133

Webster: Maine 9, New Hampshire 8 Vermont 7 Massachusetts 18, Rhode Island 4 Connecticut 8, New York 36, New Jersey 8 Total 98

Calhoun: Maryland 11, Delaware 3, Virginia 24, North Carolina 15, South Carolina 11, Georgia 9, Mississippi 5. Alabama 3, Louisiana 5 Total 86

Clay: Tennessee 11, Kentucky 14, Ohio 16, Indiana 5, Illinois 3, Missouri 3, Pennsylvania 28 Total 80

House of Representative Votes (one vote per state) Total 24 states Needed to Elect 13

First Round: Webster 8 states, Calhoun 9 states, Clay 7 states

Second Round: Webster (endorsed by Clay) 15 states, Calhoun 9 states. Webster is elected.

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