Across the Channel


In this TL, the British remain neutral during World War 1, and this causes a massive, drawn-out war that ends in Central Powers victory. From this point onward, the entire world is changed. The British finally realize that the Germans are too strong far too late, as the German Empire begins to eclipse that of the British. Thus ensues a desperate war pitting the massive industrial capacity of the United States with the naval supremacy of Britain against the war machine that is the Continental Alliance.



In real life, the Commander of the German Navy, Alfred von Tripitz, proposed a bill that would greatly increase the German Navy. This alienated the British Empire, a total change in policy from before, as the bill laid out a plan to defeat the British Navy. After a massive publicity campaign, and much convincing of the German leaders, the bill was approved, and caused the British, who had been great enemies of the French, to suppot them in the First World War, ending in a great defeat for the Central Powers, and a victory for the Entente


In this timeline, events happen much differently. The Naval Commander Alfred von Tripitz propsed the bill, but it was immediately thought of as much too expensive and completely tactless. Thus, Tripitz never gained the initial support he needed to get the bill passed, and so the bill never had a chance. This caused the British to not feel threatened by the German Navy, and left them completely satisfied to let events happen on the Continent without intervention, letting the Central Powers win the First World War.

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